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Quality Standards

You are our priority

Low affordability of human affects the use of eyeglasses which leads into counterfeit goods.

Like any product, non-standard products pose grave danger for the industry. Such products with direct relation with human health must be in accordance with health standards. In particular, counterfeit sunglasses of both local and foreign origins pose serious dangers for users. Failing to prevent harmful UV lights of sun, such sunglasses cause infection of nerves on eye grounds and it is also know that such non-standard sunglasses with no protection against ultraviolet lights may also lead to eye ground rushes even more cataract and other serious health problems. Sunglasses or eyeglasses with organic lenses produced without considering quality get scratched in a short period of time and degrade by losing their protectiveness while failing to fulfill their performance to remove refractive faults. Moreover, anti-reflection layer may flake off soon.

Therefore, people should prefer sunglasses or optical eyeglasses that strictly conform to CE norms.

Merve Opticsdeclares that its products both imported and produced are in compliance with authentic CE norms due to its high-quality concept.