Production Facilities

Merve Optic Lenses Inc. opened its production facilities in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul.


Equipped with the state-of-the-art hardware, optical lenses produced at this facility fulfill all needs of eyeglasses users.


This system, also known as "Innovative Technology", refers to optimizing current technology in a perfect manner and getting the utmost from high-quality.


Using FreeForm technology, the facility performs the numbering process on lens surfaces on a completely sophisticated software program. Optical lenses produced thanks to such software technology provide much clearer vision than other lenses.

In addition to the above, advanced technology used in the process to coat lens surfaces with Anti-Reflection coating after numbering the surfaces completely prevent many problems experienced by users such as scratching and reflection.

HawkPlus facilities produce customized lenses. Thanks to the calculation technology that enables adding customized variables in addition to prescription numbers, users enjoy much more comfortable vision without any obstacles on vision owing to both single-focal and multifocal also known as progressive eyeglasses lenses.

With the ability to integrate basic criteria such as clear vision, endurance, easy-to-clean demanded by consumers of optical eyeglasses lenses into lenses, each and every facility is equipped with specialized and experienced teams.