Hawk Sunglasses

Hawk optics and sunglasses is a brand that is in the roof of Merve Optik and is highly sought after by consumers with its unique designs and reasonable prices.

Continuing its investments by obtaining the patent of the Hawk brand in 2000, Merve Optik has become the pioneer of quality with its glasses produced with innovative technologies and has risen to a position that collects the most preferred sunglasses and optics brands of the sector.

Merve Optik, which entered the field of  eyeglass production in 2012 in order to develop the awareness of the use of quality glass, has also brought the quality and standards to the highest level in the production of domestic eyeglasses and Using the modern technological infrastructure in its brands such as Hawk, Mustang, Osse, and Optelli, it has created brand loyalty among male and female customers with durable, user-friendly and economical eyewear models.

Hawk: The Name of Fashion in Glasses
Hawk optics and sunglasses, designed for all ages and all genders, are among the most preferred eyewear brands with their elegant and stylish design, solid and durable structure, and affordable price.

Hawk sunglasses have real polarizing feature and also have feature that provides high protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.

With its products designed in different colors and different geometric shapes, Hawk continues to write its success story with a concept suitable for all ages and face shapes.

Hawk brings technology and aesthetics together
Hawk, which has an important market in the world with its optics and sunglasses products, protects eye health and offers you an excellent eyewear experience.

It is far beyond being an accessory with its products that appeal to classic, sports and other styles. Offering models that fit every face shape with round, angular and drop designs, Hawk appeals to all tastes and brings quality to you at the most affordable prices.

Hawk, Mustang, Osse, Optelli and other brands that are produced, sold and distributed by Merve Optik are offered to you under a 2-year warranty.

Have a Positive Look at Life with Hawk!
You can add color to your boring and monotonous life with Hawk and increase your energy and get away from stress. You will not be able to give up Hawk glasses, which have an effect that provokes and moves you with their colorful and extraordinary designs.

Embrace life and be aware of the value of your own existence with Hawk, which provides you with a confident appearance in any social environment! Remember! Your glasses are the mirror of your soul.

Buy Easily Through Sales Channels

You can buy Hawk optics and sunglasses from Turkey's best optics stores. In addition, our products are very popular in the overseas market. You can also look into our products from online e- commerce platforms and buy the models you love.