Mustang Sunglasses

Merve Optik, which bought Mustang's eyewear license in 2006, brought the brand to the top in this field in a short time and became an indispensable eyewear brand for freedom-lover men.

Story of the Brand
As they said, in the periods when the wars of whites and Indians, which are turning points in American history, The Mustangs, the horses ridden by the Comanche Indians, symbolized power, freedom and viciousness, and later emerged as an American automobile brand and became a legendary brand that is still mentioned today.

Mustang writes its story again as a today's eyewear brand. Mustang, which is one of the best eyewear brand in the world, produced under the license of Merve Optik and with the pride of being a domestic brand, reaches millions by being sold in Turkey and the world market.

Faced with the intense interest of men with a strong stance towards life, Mustang optics and sunglasses have been redesigned with the latest technologies and modern lines by Merve Optik and have become one of the most admired eyewear brands in the industry.

Mustang glasses which fit all tastes and styles with a rich collection, have been modernized with aesthetic touches without compromising their classic structure, and have taken on a unique design that intertwines the past and the present.

Combining the trio of quality, durability and comfort, Mustang glasses are preferred by men for long-lasting and comfortable use. 

Watch Freedom with Mustang!
Mustang glasses, preferred by many local and foreign celebrities, invite you to explore a free world. Mustang glasses, which have a unique collection designed with the finest point in mind, have become the indispensable accessory of men. Are you ready for adventure with Mustang glasses, which are made of light but durable material, designed in the most suitable way for eye health and provide a look that reflects your personality?

Mustang glasses have a wealth of products to suit every face type with their drop, angular and round frame designs. Elegant and stylish lines highlight the aesthetic quality of the brand. Models produced in different colors adapt to every taste and every personality.

Apart from sporty models, Mustang glasses, which have many models in classic style, are here with a wide range of products for men. You will feel free and stronger with Mustang's stylish and high quality glasses!

Mustang glasses presented to you by Merve Optik, which is the leading brand of the optics and sunglasses market in Turkey and the world with its knowledge and experience of more than 30 years and presented to you by integrating it with a new generation design approach without spoiling its classical texture.

Where Can You Buy Mustang Glasses?
It is very easy to own Mustang, Hawk, Osse, Optelli and other famous eyewear brands that we manufacture and sell as Merve Optik. We reach you with our wide dealer network in Turkey. You can go to your nearest Mustang glasses dealer and buy your favorite Mustang glasses. You can also get Mustang glasses that suit your taste and style at the most affordable prices on Turkey's largest online shopping sites.

All Mustang glasses are under the guarantee of Merve Optik A.Ş. for 2 years.

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