Optelli Sunglasses

Optelli optics and sunglasses which are produced by Merve Optik, Turkey's leading optical company, draw attention as a price - performance product. With Optelli, which is user-friendly with its quality and reasonable prices, all eyes will be on you in every moment.

Optelli: Turkey's Shining Star
The Optelli brand, which has gained great momentum in the sector with its prescriptioned glasses and sunglasses, is a product designed according to the expectations of the users and can be easily combined with any style with its rich color and pattern options.

Produced by Merve Optik, using the latest technologies, Optelli eyeglasses draw attention with their women, men and unisex designs. Integrating easily with classic and sports clothes, Optelli pushes the limits with the comfort it provides you.

Why  Optelli?
Optelli stepped into the optics industry in 1986 and is the brand of Merve Optik A.Ş, which is always the pioneer of firsts with an innovative vision. Ali Demirel, who became the chairman of the board of directors of the company in 1991, took this journey that he started with 3 people in those years to the top by purchasing the world's giant brands and today, It brings you Optelli, Hawk, Osse, Mustang and other famous brands that it sells and distributes with more than 1500 dealers across Turkey.

Today, Merve Optik is the leading manufacturer and distributor of optical glass, optics and sunglasses in Turkey and the world.Merve Optik, which owns 25 percent of the Turkish optics market, offers you a rich product concept that combines the classic and modern, with its own brands such as Optelli, Hawk, Osse, Mustang, with optics, optical glasses and glasses produced with the latest technological possibilities in its own facilities.

Merve Optik, which has sales offices in many countries abroad and delivers its glasses to the world market, makes a name for itself with the Optelli brand.

Merve Optik, which contributes to the Turkey's economy, has been achieving new successes with the rightful pride of always being the pioneer of trends.

Optelli Protect Your Eye Health
The things to be considered in the selection of glasses are not only that they are compatible with the face or that they fit your clothing style and lifestyle in terms of design. In addition to these, it is extremely important to choose glasses produced with protective material against harmful rays.

Merve Optik, with the awareness of how important the glass material used is for eye health, starts the production of eyeglasses and produces glasses that provide 100% protection against UV rays with polarized glasses. Merve Optik, which produces products that protect eye health in all its brands such as Optelli, Osse, Hawk and Mustang, produces anti-reflective, scratch-resistant optics and sunglasses.

Feel Your Energy with Optelli!
Your life is more enjoable with Optelli glasses that are produced for women and men who want to create their own style.

You can also buy Optelli eyeglasses which are produced with the assurance of Merve Optik and offered to you with a wide network of optics dealers throughout Turkey on online shopping platforms.

All Optelli glasses are under the guarantee of Merve Optik A.Ş. for 2 years.