Osse Sun Glasses

Merve Optik, which includes world-renowned eyewear brands, has been continuing its way with innovative and development oriented approach since its establishment in 1986, and It became the leading eyewear company of the sector by obtaining the Turkish right of Osse, a French eyewear brand, in 1988, and the worldwide production and distribution license in 2000.

Merve Optik, which is the leader optic firm of Turkey in optics and sunglasses market, has been representing our country as the owner of the Osse, Hawk, Mustang, Optelli and has been bringing the glasses it produces to its users with its widespread online sales and dealers in Turkey and the World market. Apart from the brands it owns, Merve Optik is the Turkey distributor of many world-famous eyewear brands.

As Merve Optik, we present you top eyewear brands with our 30 years of experience in optics and sunglasses sector.

Meet Osse!
Osse will make its mark this year with optic and sunglasses models specially designed for women, men and children in its renewed collection! Osse which offers stylish and aesthetic glasses to you, is a world brand that is the pioneer of trends with its modern design approach by taking the perception of durability and quality to the next level.

Your Eye Health is Important For Us!
Osse glasses models which take attention with their classical and modern designs, meet their costumers with their wide product range. It prevents harmful rays from the sun from damaging your eyes.

Discover Your Style with Osse!
Osse eyeglasses produced by Merve Optik, which prioritizes the needs and expectations of its customers, have a concept that will suit every taste and style with its rich product range! There are many models for every face type in glasses designed for women, men and children. You can both protect your eye health and have a stylish look with Osse glasses, in which quality materials pass through a fine workmanship and take on unique designs.

Where Can You Buy Mustang Glasses?
Osse has a wide dealer network in Turkey and around the world. You can find models suitable for your taste and face type from Turkey's best optics stores. You can also order the models you like over the internet through online e-commerce platforms.

Hawk, Mustang, Osse, Optelli and other brands that are produced, sold and distributed by Merve Optik are offered to you under a 2-year warranty.

Join the Osse Family!
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