Kalitemizden ödün vermeden sizlere hep daha iyisini sunmak.



Turkey has a highly promising and growing economy with its young population and growth potential.

In a period in which risks for the world economy have increased, Turkey is now in the position of a country walking with confident steps towards the future thanks to strong growth performance achieved. Even though the optical industry in Turkey has also its own dynamics and also its own specific troubles as in almost every sector, it is one of the industries in Turkey that has succeeded to reach its market value. Moreover, eyewear industry is considered to be one of the most important industries of the 21st century and what is more, eyeglasses are an important health tool and its use as an aesthetic and fashion element has become more and more common.

Merve Optik, as the leading representative of the optical market in Turkey, enjoys leaving behind a period of over 30 years. Merve Optik which initially started the business with a family company identity, has reached today's corporate value thanks to its self-confidence, value given to the quality and service mentality and, at the same time, has become a brand that steers the market.

It is possible to feel the value which Merve Optik has reached today not only in Turkey, but also in the abroad. It is not surprising to see Merve Optik products in the optical shop windows in many countries of the world thanks to the agencies it has opened and the exports it has made.

In addition to being the licenced distributor in Turkey for many worldwide renowned brands, the recognition level reached by the brands such as Osse, Mustang, Hawk and Optelli whose rights of distributorship in Turkey completely belong to Merve Optik, and especially the fact that they have become the reason of preference in terms of quality and style make us really proud.

Merve Optik which follows eyewear trends in the world very closely will continue to surprise the consumers of sunglasses and optical glasses by integrating present fashion trends with its own creative style thanks to its experienced and expert staff.

Merve Optik A.Ş.
Chairman of the Board



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